Izvanredan robot čistač sa punjivom baterijom

Izvanredan robot čistač sa punjivom baterijom

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Are you tired of cleaning and wiping floors?

From today you are on vacation!

         The floor cleaner in a unique offer can clean for you from tomorrow.

  • The smart robot cleaner polishes, washes and wipes all your dirty surfaces.
  • It is ideal for cleaning tiles, linoleum, parquet and laminate.
  • Great choice for households who like to have clean floors but don’t want to waste time on it or just want to use their time in a different way.
  • The wheels located on the bottom of the cleaner and the rotating cleaning mechanism allow the cleaner to slide on dirty surfaces, leaving behind a trace of cleanliness.
  • It contains an obstacle avoidance mechanism

  • The product runs on "AA" rechargeable batteries
  • Batteries and adapter are included in the package
  • Cleaning of all types of floors and carpets 

  • The most intelligent cleaning system  

  • Fall protection sensors down stairs  

  •  New modern look